We are Industr|ous

We are a versatile, multi-talented team—
quick on our feet and eager to tackle new projects.
We build everything from custom identities, to websites, to animated adverts. In short, we make stuff.

What We Do, More or Less


Identity is so much more than a logo and some business cards. Through strong client partnerships and field research we work hard to craft a brand that is true to our clients' strengths and goals.

  • Logo and business material creation
  • Identity refresh
  • Brand and market research
  • Print and digital marketing

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A website is often the first interaction that consumers have with a brand these days. We think that it is vitally important that a company's digital presence is thought out and easy to use. We build clean and easy-to-use websites in order to highlight our clients' message.

  • Website design and implementation
  • E-commerce integration
  • Application design

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We love making things. There is nothing that we love more than taking an idea from a napkin sketch to a interactive website, or a short film, or a mobile application that helps you keep track of your morning workouts.

  • Video production
  • Motion graphics
  • Photography
  • Application creation

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